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Best Love Songs 70s & 80s
  • Смотрели: 95
  • Размер: 2.01 Gb
  • Длительность: 14:54:00
  • Качество: 320 Kbps
  • Добавлено: 18 февраль 2021
Это популярный музыкальный сборник альбом в жанре Pop, Рок, Ретро, Диско,. На этой странице вы можете скачать Best Love Songs 70s & 80s через торрент бесплатно в формате MP3. Ниже ознакомьтесь со списком песен входящих в этот сборник или альбом, а также найдете информацию о том, как скачать торрент. Не забывайте писать комментарии и делится с друзьями в соц сетях.

Список песен

Love Songs 70s and 80s (2020) (214 файлов)
mp3001. Gloria Estefan - Don't Wanna Lose You.mp3 (9.56 Mb)
mp3002. Bad English - When I See You Smile.mp3 (9.87 Mb)
mp3003. The Bangles - Eternal Flame.mp3 (9.03 Mb)
mp3004. Will To Power - Baby, I Love Your Way Freebird.mp3 (9.54 Mb)
mp3005. Debbie Gibson - Lost in Your Eyes.mp3 (8.17 Mb)
mp3006. Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You.mp3 (13.27 Mb)
mp3007. Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me by Now.mp3 (7.85 Mb)
mp3008. Guns N' Roses - Patience (Album Version).mp3 (13.65 Mb)
mp3009. Rick Astley - Hold Me in Your Arms (7 Version).mp3 (10.05 Mb)
mp3010. Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting.mp3 (10.14 Mb)
mp3011. Martika - Toy Soldiers.mp3 (9.94 Mb)
mp3012. Whitney Houston - One Moment in Time (Remastered).mp3 (10.86 Mb)
mp3013. New Kids on the Block - I'll Be Loving You (Forever).mp3 (10.14 Mb)
mp3014. Taylor Dayne - I'll Always Love You (Single Mix).mp3 (9.9 Mb)
mp3015. George Michael - One More Try (Remastered).mp3 (13.43 Mb)
mp3016. Brenda Russell - Piano In The Dark.mp3 (12.27 Mb)
mp3017. Patrick Swayze; Wendy Fraser - She's Like the Wind.mp3 (8.9 Mb)
mp3018. Tracy Chapman - Baby Can I Hold You.mp3 (7.41 Mb)
mp3019. Whitney Houston - Where Do Broken Hearts Go.mp3 (10.6 Mb)
mp3020. George Michael - Kissing a Fool (Album Version).mp3 (10.55 Mb)
mp3021. Cutting Crew - I've Been In Love Before.mp3 (9.31 Mb)
mp3022. George Michael - Father Figure.mp3 (13.03 Mb)
mp3023. The Housemartins - Build.mp3 (11.04 Mb)
mp3024. Bon Jovi - Never Say Goodbye.mp3 (11.07 Mb)
mp3025. Michael Bolton - That's What Love Is All About.mp3 (9.12 Mb)
mp3026. Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat.mp3 (10.1 Mb)
mp3027. Glenn Medeiros - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You.mp3 (8.88 Mb)
mp3028. Foreigner - I Don't Want to Live Without You (2008 Remaster).mp3 (9.1 Mb)
mp3029. INXS - Never Tear Us Apart.mp3 (7.1 Mb)
mp3030. Whitney Houston - Didn't We Almost Have It All.mp3 (11.7 Mb)
mp3031. Chris de Burgh - The Lady In Red.mp3 (9.82 Mb)
mp3032. U2 - With Or Without You.mp3 (11.35 Mb)
mp3033. Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over.mp3 (9.08 Mb)
mp3034. Europe - Carrie.mp3 (10.37 Mb)
mp3035. Toto - I'll Be Over You.mp3 (8.82 Mb)
mp3036. Benjamin Orr - Stay the Night.mp3 (10.15 Mb)
mp3037. Carly Simon - Coming Around Again.mp3 (8.46 Mb)
mp3038. Genesis - In Too Deep.mp3 (11.37 Mb)
mp3039. Whitesnake - Is This Love (2007 Remastered Version).mp3 (10.56 Mb)
mp3040. Peter Cetera - Glory of Love.mp3 (9.9 Mb)
mp3041. Kenny Loggins - Meet Me Half Way (From Over The Top Soundtrack).mp3 (8.4 Mb)
mp3042. Michael Jackson; Siedah Garrett - I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Remastered).mp3 (9.66 Mb)
mp3043. Heart - Alone.mp3 (8.39 Mb)
mp3044. Cyndi Lauper - What's Going On (Single Version).mp3 (8.88 Mb)
mp3045. Whitney Houston - Greatest Love of All.mp3 (11.06 Mb)
mp3046. Berlin - Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from Top Gun).mp3 (9.75 Mb)
mp3047. Elton John - Nikita.mp3 (11.3 Mb)
mp3048. Dionne Warwick - That's What Friends Are For.mp3 (9.81 Mb)
mp3049. Gloria Estefan - Words Get in the Way.mp3 (7.9 Mb)
mp3050. Cyndi Lauper - True Colors.mp3 (8.68 Mb)
mp3051. Simply Red - Holding Back the Years.mp3 (10.35 Mb)
mp3052. Mr. Mister - Broken Wings.mp3 (10.07 Mb)
mp3053. Klymaxx - I Miss You (Re-Recorded Remastered).mp3 (12.92 Mb)
mp3054. Madonna - Live to Tell.mp3 (13.44 Mb)
mp3055. Alphaville - Forever Young.mp3 (8.69 Mb)
mp3056. Heart - These Dreams.mp3 (9.74 Mb)
mp3057. Starship - Sara.mp3 (11.21 Mb)
mp3058. New Edition - With You All The Way (Single Version).mp3 (8.28 Mb)
mp3059. George Michael - Careless Whisper.mp3 (11.59 Mb)
mp3060. Foreigner - I Want to Know What Love Is (2008 Remaster).mp3 (11.53 Mb)
mp3061. Culture Club - Love Is Love.mp3 (8.83 Mb)
mp3062. Madonna - Crazy for You (Edit).mp3 (8.64 Mb)
mp3063. Prince - Purple Rain.mp3 (19.93 Mb)
mp3064. Bryan Adams - Heaven.mp3 (9.34 Mb)
mp3065. Paul Young - Everytime You Go Away.mp3 (12.42 Mb)
mp3066. Phil Collins - One More Night (Extended Remix).mp3 (14.57 Mb)
mp3067. Air Supply - I Can Wait Forever.mp3 (11.96 Mb)
mp3068. Tina Turner - Private Dancer (Single Edit).mp3 (9.23 Mb)
mp3069. Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love for You.mp3 (9.1 Mb)
mp3070. Kenny Rogers; James Ingram - What About Me.mp3 (10.09 Mb)
mp3071. Century - Lover Why (Extended Play Version).mp3 (13.77 Mb)
mp3072. Diana Ross - Missing You.mp3 (9.97 Mb)
mp3073. Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You (Single Version).mp3 (10.03 Mb)
mp3074. Rick James; Smokey Robinson - Ebony Eyes.mp3 (9.15 Mb)
mp3075. Lionel Richie - Hello.mp3 (9.5 Mb)
mp3076. Lane Brody - Over You.mp3 (7.22 Mb)
mp3077. Elton John - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues.mp3 (10.85 Mb)
mp3078. The Cars - Drive.mp3 (9.11 Mb)
mp3079. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time.mp3 (9.29 Mb)
mp3080. Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face.mp3 (11.42 Mb)
mp3081. Carpenters - Make Believe It's Your First Time.mp3 (9.53 Mb)
mp3082. Lionel Richie - Stuck On You.mp3 (7.46 Mb)
mp3083. Chicago - You're the Inspiration.mp3 (8.79 Mb)
mp3084. Jermaine Jackson - Do What You Do.mp3 (10.22 Mb)
mp3085. Mike Reno; Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise (Love Theme from Footloose).mp3 (8.78 Mb)
mp3086. The Police - Every Breath You Take.mp3 (9.64 Mb)
mp3087. Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.mp3 (10.11 Mb)
mp3088. Spandau Ballet - True (Single Edit).mp3 (12.57 Mb)
mp3089. Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing.mp3 (9.19 Mb)
mp3090. Sergio Mendes - Never Gonna Let You Go.mp3 (9.79 Mb)
mp3091. Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart.mp3 (10.35 Mb)
mp3092. Duran Duran - Save a Prayer (Single Version).mp3 (8.66 Mb)
mp3093. Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry Get Away (2005 Remaster).mp3 (11.72 Mb)
mp3094. Bryan Adams - Straight From The Heart.mp3 (8.09 Mb)
mp3095. Sheena Easton; Kenny Rogers - We've Got Tonight.mp3 (8.89 Mb)
mp3096. Paul Anka; Peter Cetera - Hold Me 'Til The Morning Comes.mp3 (11.02 Mb)
mp3097. George Benson - In Your Eyes.mp3 (7.7 Mb)
mp3098. Lionel Richie; Kenny Chesney - My Love.mp3 (12.75 Mb)
mp3099. Air Supply - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.mp3 (13.14 Mb)
mp3100. Paul McCartney - Ebony And Ivory.mp3 (8.49 Mb)
mp3101. Elton John - Blue Eyes.mp3 (8.02 Mb)
mp3102. Stevie Wonder - Ribbon In The Sky (1982 Musiquarium Version).mp3 (12.91 Mb)
mp3103. Foreigner - Waiting for a Girl like You (2008 Remaster).mp3 (11.1 Mb)
mp3104. Elton John - Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny).mp3 (11.81 Mb)
mp3105. Adrian Gurvitz - Classic.mp3 (11.26 Mb)
mp3106. Carly Simon - Hurt.mp3 (7.97 Mb)
mp3107. Alessi Brothers - Forever.mp3 (8.71 Mb)
mp3108. Barry Manilow - The Old Songs.mp3 (10.81 Mb)
mp3109. Air Supply - Even the Nights Are Better.mp3 (9.09 Mb)
mp3110. Don McLean - Castles In The Air.mp3 (8.49 Mb)
mp3111. Diana Ross; Lionel Richie - Endless Love.mp3 (10.33 Mb)
mp3112. Christopher Cross - Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do).mp3 (8.97 Mb)
mp3113. Air Supply - The One That You Love.mp3 (9.92 Mb)
mp3114. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky.mp3 (10.59 Mb)
mp3115. Barbra Streisand; Barry Gibb - Guilty.mp3 (10.13 Mb)
mp3116. Don McLean - Crying.mp3 (8.55 Mb)
mp3117. Richard Sanderson - Reality (Original Version 1982).mp3 (11.1 Mb)
mp3118. Kenny Rogers - Lady (1991 - Remaster).mp3 (8.93 Mb)
mp3119. Air Supply - Lost In Love.mp3 (8.83 Mb)
mp3120. Christopher Cross - Sailing.mp3 (9.81 Mb)
mp3121. Air Supply - All Out of Love.mp3 (9.25 Mb)
mp3122. Captain & Tennille - Do That To Me One More Time.mp3 (9.66 Mb)
mp3123. Commodores - Three Times A Lady.mp3 (8.34 Mb)
mp3124. Peaches & Herb - Reunited.mp3 (13.07 Mb)
mp3125. Lionel Richie - Truly.mp3 (7.73 Mb)
mp3126. Player - Baby Come Back.mp3 (9.67 Mb)
mp3127. Styx - Babe.mp3 (10.3 Mb)
mp3128. The Temptations - My Girl.mp3 (6.2 Mb)
mp3129. Michael Jackson - Got To Be There (Single Version).mp3 (7.8 Mb)
mp3130. Jackson 5 - I'll Be There.mp3 (9.06 Mb)
mp3131. Kc & The Sunshine Band - Please Don't Go.mp3 (8.69 Mb)
mp3132. Maxine Nightingale - Lead Me On.mp3 (6.72 Mb)
mp3133. Barry Manilow - Ships.mp3 (9.25 Mb)
mp3134. Harry Nilsson - Without You.mp3 (7.55 Mb)
mp3135. Earth, Wind & Fire - After the Love Has Gone.mp3 (10.28 Mb)
mp3136. Eric Carmen - All by Myself.mp3 (10.41 Mb)
mp3137. REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling.mp3 (11.15 Mb)
mp3138. Gloria Estefan - Cuts Both Ways.mp3 (7.5 Mb)
mp3139. Bee Gees - Too Much Heaven.mp3 (11.36 Mb)
mp3140. Bee Gees - I Started A Joke (Remastered LP Version).mp3 (7.23 Mb)
mp3141. Bee Gees - How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (Remastered Version).mp3 (9.12 Mb)
mp3142. Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love (Remastered Version).mp3 (9.35 Mb)
mp3143. Dr. Hook - Sharing The Night Together.mp3 (6.69 Mb)
mp3144. Anne Murray - You Needed Me.mp3 (8.53 Mb)
mp3145. Kenny Rogers - She Believes in Me.mp3 (9.63 Mb)
mp3146. Alice Cooper - How You Gonna See Me Now.mp3 (9.05 Mb)
mp3147. Andy Gibb - [Our Love] Don't Throw It All Away.mp3 (9.43 Mb)
mp3148. Commodores - Still.mp3 (8.67 Mb)
mp3149. Lionel Richie - Penny Lover.mp3 (8.65 Mb)
mp3150. Commodores - Three Times A Lady.mp3 (8.33 Mb)
mp3151. Barry Manilow - Ready to Take a Chance Again.mp3 (7.08 Mb)
mp3152. Billy Joel - Just the Way You Are.mp3 (11.13 Mb)
mp3153. Rod Stewart - You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim) (2008 Remaster).mp3 (10.39 Mb)
mp3154. Rod Stewart - I Don't Want to Talk About It (2009 Remaster).mp3 (11.19 Mb)
mp3155. Rod Stewart - Sailing (2009 Remaster).mp3 (10.58 Mb)
mp3156. Rod Stewart - Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright) (2009 Remaster).mp3 (9.09 Mb)
mp3157. Rod Stewart - My Heart Can't Tell Me No.mp3 (12.1 Mb)
mp3158. Rod Stewart - Every Beat of My Heart.mp3 (12.2 Mb)
mp3159. Rita Coolidge - We're All Alone.mp3 (8.16 Mb)
mp3160. Roberta Flack - The Closer I Get To You.mp3 (8.75 Mb)
mp3161. Olivia Newton-John - Hopelessly Devoted To You (From Grease Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).mp3 (7.12 Mb)
mp3162. Bonnie Tyler - It's A Heartache.mp3 (8.01 Mb)
mp3163. Alice Cooper - You and Me.mp3 (11.75 Mb)
mp3164. Carly Simon - Nobody Does It Better.mp3 (8.17 Mb)
mp3165. Alice Cooper - I Never Cry.mp3 (8.61 Mb)
mp3166. Bread - Lost Without Your Love.mp3 (6.8 Mb)
mp3167. Bread - Aubrey.mp3 (8.43 Mb)
mp3168. Bread - If.mp3 (6 Mb)
mp3169. Bread - Everything I Own.mp3 (7.19 Mb)
mp3170. Chicago - If You Leave Me Now.mp3 (9.02 Mb)
mp3171. Eric Carmen - All By Myself (Single Edit).mp3 (10.42 Mb)
mp3172. Nazareth - Love Hurts.mp3 (8.9 Mb)
mp3173. Nazareth - Where Are You Now.mp3 (9.03 Mb)
mp3174. Michael Jackson - Happy (Love Theme From Lady Sings The Blues).mp3 (7.92 Mb)
mp3175. Diana Ross - Do You Know Where You're Going to (Theme from ''Mahogany'').mp3 (7.77 Mb)
mp3176. Diana Ross - When You Tell Me That You Love Me.mp3 (9.73 Mb)
mp3177. Morris Albert - She'S My Girl.mp3 (6.79 Mb)
mp3178. Morris Albert - Feelings.mp3 (8.6 Mb)
mp3179. 10cc - I'm Not In Love.mp3 (14.03 Mb)
mp3180. Michael Jackson - One Day In Your Life.mp3 (9.71 Mb)
mp3181. Minnie Riperton - Lovin'you.mp3 (7.85 Mb)
mp3182. Frankie Valli - My Eyes Adored You (2007 Remaster).mp3 (8.23 Mb)
mp3183. The Stylistics - Let's Put It All Together.mp3 (7.96 Mb)
mp3184. Clifford T. Ward - Gaye.mp3 (8.45 Mb)
mp3185. Barbra Streisand - The Way We Were.mp3 (8.07 Mb)
mp3186. The Rolling Stones - Angie.mp3 (10.39 Mb)
mp3187. Elton John - Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time).mp3 (10.79 Mb)
mp3188. Elton John - Your Song.mp3 (9.27 Mb)
mp3189. Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.mp3 (7.51 Mb)
mp3190. Paul McCartney; Wings - My Love.mp3 (9.51 Mb)
mp3191. Michael Jackson - Music And Me.mp3 (6.24 Mb)
mp3192. Bee Gees - Run to Me (2009 Remastered Version).mp3 (7.42 Mb)
mp3193. The Chi-Lites - Oh, Girl (Rerecorded).mp3 (6.96 Mb)
mp3194. Carole King - It's Too Late (Album Version).mp3 (8.9 Mb)
mp3195. James Taylor - You've Got a Friend.mp3 (10.3 Mb)
mp3196. James Taylor - Shower the People.mp3 (10.41 Mb)
mp3197. Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun.mp3 (7.09 Mb)
mp3198. Carpenters - (They Long To Be) Close To You.mp3 (10.5 Mb)
mp3199. James Taylor - Handy Man.mp3 (7.52 Mb)
mp3200. Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life.mp3 (9.85 Mb)
mp3201. a-ha - Stay on These Roads.mp3 (10.89 Mb)
mp3202. a-ha - There's Never a Forever Thing.mp3 (6.6 Mb)
mp3203. a-ha - Hunting High and Low.mp3 (8.77 Mb)
mp3204. Dire Straits - Your Latest Trick.mp3 (15.05 Mb)
mp3205. Culture Club - Mistake Number 3.mp3 (10.69 Mb)
mp3206. Barbra Streisand - Woman In Love (Album Version).mp3 (8.84 Mb)
mp3207. Carpenters - Yesterday Once More.mp3 (9.18 Mb)
mp3208. Carpenters - Rainy Days And Mondays (1991 Remix).mp3 (8.26 Mb)
mp3209. Carpenters - This Masquerade (1990 Remix).mp3 (11.24 Mb)
mp3210. Commodores - Oh No.mp3 (6.98 Mb)
mp3211. Phil Collins - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now).mp3 (7.85 Mb)
mp3212. The Moody Blues - Talking Out Of Turn.mp3 (16.82 Mb)
mp3213. Barbra Streisand - Evergreen (Love Theme from, A Star Is Born).mp3 (7.07 Mb)
jpgfolder.jpg (47.71 Kb)

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