Corey Croft

Born Oct 11, 1985 Atlantic City, NJ. Age 12 — taught himself guitar, bass, and vocals Age 15 – started to Dj and formed his own band “close 2 nothing” which opened for Anti Flag in 2001. (Like Hendrix, Corey plays guitar left-handed and upside down) At 24 years of age he is half deaf in his right ear, uses only pioneer headphones, no mouse, a dell laptop (AMD 64) Ableton Live 6.0 from when he first started producing in 2006 and taught himself as much as possible to get a semi pro quality sound and bring late 90’s to early 2000’s sounding trance with a modern 2009 mix to it. He does not use a midi controller and has no musical theory education. “If I and did not find Paul Van Dyke’s CD “45 Rpm” on the ground when I was 11 years old I would not even be having these releases or anything to do with electronic music.” Opened for Paul Van Dyk in 2004 at the Tempe Marquee Theatre. Named the best Trance DJ of Arizona in 2005. Best DJ in Phoenix (6 months consecutive) His technical abilities, track selection, and incredible timing have made him one of the most respected up and coming trance producers in the world. Even the kings of trance have enlisted Corey’s tracks on their CDs: Paul Oakenfold uses “tease” on his” Vegas” Paul Van Dyk uses “starfish” on his new CD in 2010. Corey’s stage presence is one of his individual character. Since 2001 Corey has played over 100 desert / warehouse raves. And produces 7 different genres. Major influences: Paul Van Dyk Ferry Corsten Placebo Residencies: Boos Event Center 905 Club Paco Paco Harleys Burn The Ice House Venues: E-4 Myst The Nile Firebird Raceway Rawhide The Ice House The Brick House Burn Night Club 905 Night Club(Best Of Phoniex New Times) Paco Paco Currently seeking sponsor(s) For the upcoming “Liquid State” Tour.