Ivan Litus

promo-pic-2Ivan Litus (Litus Ivan Zinoviyovuch) is a DJ, Producer from New-York (USA) was born (January 12, 1986)  in Ukraine (Ivano-Frankovsk). When Ivan was only 14 years old, he started to DJ in a middle school at that time it was a pop music. Then one day, Ivan went to the city to get some new records for the next disco party, he discovers some new and unknown genre of music to him, it was a Trance music. There was a small record store and they had a big speaker out side so people could hear what they have new in stock. Ivan was passing by the store, and the record that was playing in that big speaker was some kind of remix on Iio — Rapture, and that record got his attention. Ivan went inside and bought the «tape», and it was not only one track, it was a whole compilation mixed by some kind of a DJ. After taking that tape home and listening to it for about a ten times Ivan felt in love with the genre and the music that was playing on that tape. At that time he knew that this was the music he wanted to play in the club. But Ivan wanted more, he wanted to make his own records, so Ivan went to the music school to learn how to play a guitar and piano, and that didn’t go very well. Ivan had to leave the school and the Ukraine, and at the age of 16 Ivan moves to USA. And that was a big start in his music production carer, specially after Ivan discovered a music software at that time called Fruity Loops 3.5 (now FL Studio). He starts to experiment with it and make his own music. Well, it was not much of music at that time, but year after year and a lot of reading the music Ivan was producing started to make sense and actually sound like a music at all. In 2008 Ivan meets Mobilize (Ilya Sergeyevich) , after listening to a Trance Around The World with Above and Beyond where they played Ilya’s latest production called «Amazing World». Ivan’s decision was to remix Ilya’s track called «Oasis» and that was his first release ever. The remix was released on 4Seasons Records in 2009 and that was big step in Ivan’s production carer. Not so long after his remix on «Oasis» Ivan decided to do a remix on Air-T — Forever Alone that was also released on 4Seasons Records and was No.1  selling trance record on junodownload store for few days. Ivan has also signed contract with Ora Recordings on his big release called «Atlantic EP» and Finity Recordings. At this time Ivan is very busy remixing  tracks and working on his original productions, and also working on his weekly podcast «A World Of Club Music Podcast». And that is not all, but for more you need to stick around :).